Thursday, 4 November 2010

Movie Review : [PROTOTYPE]

You heard me right! Prototype movie!

Yeah yeah. I was completely stoked when I saw the title too. Prototype killed so many hours of my life and I have had so many fun times, that when I saw that there was a movie which was released in 2009, I stared at my computer screen, and pondered as to how I didn't realise a movie was released.

Of course, it was just a rip off of Prototype. I scrolled down Amazon to check the reviews. 1 Star.
I read as to why, but it didn't really help. So, being a fanboy of this game, I bought the DVD. I waited for about a week and a half for the damn thing to arrive. As my friend happily pointed out, there would be no chance in hell that Prototype would be a 15. So I already knew that this was going to be pretty bad.

I inserted the disc into my PlayStation 3 and voyaged into a bad movie.
Putting it bluntly, this is the slowest damn movie I have ever seen. The rip off is terrible, Alex Mercer? No. Alex McKendrick. Superpowers which involve blood? No, think telekinesis. The storyline is pretty sad for Alex in this movie. He isn't a badass or anything.

He finds gloves which his friend makes and starts using them on certain objects. The special effects in this movie are terrible, the hood of a car was made of cardboard. It was clear in the movie. The shaking of a lamp post looked terrible too. There was only 2 good scenes of this movie, and both of them were killing scenes.

The end of the movie left room for a sequel.
But seriously. I hope one is never released.

Rating this a 1 out of 5.
I expected there to be hilarious scenes of bad special effects. Though this movie was just about Alex being a little bitch and whining about how god never helps him.

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  1. Won't be watching this, then.

  2. sounds like a terrible movie..

  3. wtf i've never heard of it
    but this might be a good thing
    keep up the good work

  4. Never heard of this and glad i haven't! Thanks for the heads up.
    Looking forward to more

  5. Was it made by Uwe Boll? He always makes the shittiest videogame movies.

  6. Thanks! Now I'll know to avoid that one.

  7. Omg.. That sounds one terrible movie

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