Saturday, 30 October 2010

Project Haseo : Pride

- Red Dead Redemption -
Nothing changed. All my skills have returned once more, each and every strand and every skill I possess has now returned. There's not a single player who is safe against me, be it expert or free roam mode. Either way, they'll end up dead.

My name isn't that popular yet, though, I think I impressed people when I took down a fuck load of players in a Free Mode match. They challenged me to a Team Deathmatch, I gladly accepted of course. Once again, they had no chance.

- London ExPo-
I have to admit. I had a lot of fun, I haven't been to an anime convention since the Philippines. It was a lot of fun. Granted, some of it was annoying, especially the trains, though even that was quite fun. It felt Japanese to a sense because of how packed the trains were. The cheap smell of aftershave dominated my nostrils, it was quite horrifying. I swear, all men use Lynx. Why not get Old Spice?

Once I arrived at the ExPo, I instantly started naming characters. It was rather easy to pick them out, considering a majority of them where Miku, Naruto and for a weird reason, Seto Kaiba...

Of course, my favourite video game character was there too. Dante.
Now, although there were a lot of rather decent Dante cosplayers, most of them lacked certain things. it was mainly the eyes. Also, a thing that got to me was acne. That ticked me off a little bit. Although, I saw an amazing Noctis (Final Fantasy Versus XIII) cosplayer. Granted, he wasn't as pale as Noctis, though jesus christ. He had the sword, the right body build, the accuracy and everything else. I was very impressed.

I think the main thing which I learnt today and wanted was that if I do perfect Project Haseo, lose all this unwanted fat and become more slender, then I will do a perfect Dante cosplay. I will stay at the convention for all 3 days cosplaying as quite hard characters or at least quite famous ones. My list is...

1- Dante from Devil May Cry 4 (DEFINITE.)
2- Ezio from Assassins Creed II
3- Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7
4- Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knight (That was more of a request though...)

I'm still thinking of others, although, those are the main as of yet.
I want to perfect this, I want to know that I can be a little bit better than some cosplayers out there. Although I have to admit, there were a lot of insanely good ones. I'd tap half of the Lightnings (Final Fantasy XIII) that went and Yuki Cross's (Vampire Knight).

- Fitness -
Jesus. I have let myself go. No excercise for 2 days, then again, my abs have been hurting quite bad and so were my legs. I tried it out for about 5 minutes, though I just crumbled from pain. I got up, tried it again, no luck. So I stopped. Tomorrow is Halloween so I'm going to try and avoid candy instead of consuming it.

This is Haseo, Signing out.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Cheaters and Trophies

After much contemplating, I have decided to begin uploading save files on my blog. This was lingering on my mind, but I suppose it would help those who need it. Just a word, I'm not going to do the ridiculous type of save files. For instance, the Prestige Save for Modern Warfare 2. It's not needed, so I'm not doing it.

As for other trophies such as PROTOTYPE with it's massive scale trophies, for instance, the infected kills. Complete on hard mode, and more.

This will be a big project for me, so don't expect a massive increase of save files. This will be put into a new category known as "Skeith"

This is Haseo, signing out.

This is why I dislike flaunting.

After you've watched this video, you'll either think that that person is incredibly sad or they're incredibly awesome. Personally, I think it's incredibly sad. I am a massive anime fan, I haven't gone as far as to get a waifu or something yet. Though I do love anime, as evident of my actual project name.

Though it's people like this which make me hate anime, and want it gone. It's incredibly frustrating seeing an anime fan do this when instead they could be outside socialising or something. This is why I wanted to change because I didn't want to become something like the person in the video. To make things even worse, this person can't speak proper Japanese.

What in the name of christ is KOWAII? She or he should at least attempt to say it correctly. She or he really cannot speak Japanese, they haven't got the accent. If I played this as an MP3 and listened to it, I'd firstly cry of laughter at the bad accent and bad pronunciation, then be offended. Japanese is meant to be fluid, it's also meant to be graceful. She makes it sound like a sledgehammer. At best.

I just don't get why. As I just learnt, the person in the video is a girl.
May I just say that she sounds like a damn boy. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she had a dick or adams apple. I guess the operative word for this is rage. I feel so sorry for the parents because I can just see her arguing with them because of how she acts in front of them, for instance, she starts talking Japanese, her Dad asks what it means, and she gets pissed off because he's stupid.

That's another thing I hate. Sure, anime is great and all, but why bother trying to imitate it? If you want to copy the body of Goku? Go for it. If you want to jump as high as Sasuke? Try it. Just don't copy the damn attitude, do you see Highschools like Cromartie? No. You don't.

I wish Otaku's, Weeaboos and other Anime fans would be a bit more realistic with their likes.

Haseo, signing out.


- Coward -
I wasn't really intending on doing anything special this halloween. I thought it was just going to be another year of me sitting inside with my V for Vendetta mask attached to the side of my head while I drank whiskey and munched on candy while I watched a cheap budget horror flick. This year though, things seem different.
My friend asked if I was doing anything this halloween, I simply replied that I wasn't, so me and him came up with some sort of plan for us to go out and have some fun. I remembered at that moment a friend of mine, his name's Nick.

- Nick -Now. Nick is the type of guy who would lie to someone just to impress them. He's the type of guy who would say that he's an international spy if it meant that he'd seem cooler to you. At least, that's how he was with me. So far, he's lied about going out at night and beating up chavs, practicing Kendo, sharpening Katanas, doing Ninjitsu, and more. You might think that it's plausible. You see, it would be if he survived my Karate lesson. He gave up after the warm up and never returned again.
Nick is not fit. Though he is trying.

- The Plan -
The plan is pretty simple, my friend, me and Nick are going to watch a movie and have a good time in general, keep in mind that this is quite late, about 9pm, we'll be walking back. So, we're going to take our good friend Nick through a forest. Of course, me and my friend will be making a lot of lies, for instance. I'm using the codename Snow for my friend because he helped me on a Hit and Run mission. Lots of bullshit like that. Another factor with Nick, is that he's ridiculously gullible, and his mind can easily be changed.

If you know what Slenderman is or MarbleHornets, then the plan is going to go a little bit like that, we're taking Nick through a forest on the way back home. Tom (My friend) and I will be acting strange as soon as we leave the cinema or as soon as we go in. I'll pretend I saw a tall and slenderman who had no face or had a very odd face. Think Voldemort, but with no eyes and a lot taller and thinner, then you kinda get the idea. Putting it simply, we'll start picking up the pace in the forest, we'll walk faster and act weirder, we just want to see Nick scared.

It may sound harsh, but Nick is the same boy who said he beats up people, he does all of this heroic shit and more. So if all of what he says is real, then he should be brave enough to not copy us or not get scared. I am planning on taping this. The problem is... I'm not entirely sure how that would work, my computer is still completely broken in terms of opening images and editing videos, so it may take a while for me to upload it and what not.

- Happening -
- In the slim chance that Nick grows some balls and decides to face his fears, then my respect for him will grow.
- If Nick pussies out, then me and Tom will be laughing for the rest of the year.

If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment.
This is Haseo, signing out.

Project Haseo : Physical

- Red Dead Redemption -
I finally got to rank 50 today. My head is still ringing with Yeehaw and gunshot sounds. I swear, I never want to do that again. If I add up all the times I've passed into legend on my previous accounts? I'd of passed into legend around 7 times by now. It really isn't worth it, just wait for some sort of hack to come along. If I can somehow figure out how to upload a save file with my rank details so you can use it? I will. Though I doubt it's possible seeming that it's linked to their servers.

- Physical -
I decided to go all out today, I don't know how many calories I've taken in, though I am pretty sure it's below a thousand. I did the full circuit twice today. High Intensity Interval Training Star Jumps for 30 Minutes. with five minute breaks inbetween each 10 minute session. Afterwards, I decided to do as many crunches as I could until I thought I was going to faint. I felt very very light headed.

After that, I took a 10 minute break, I wasn't drenched in sweat though I was sweaty. I put on a vest and decided to run as far as I could up the stair well. I live in a 24 floor apartment, I made it to the 12th floor before I decided to run back down. I kept doing this till once again, I couldn't take it anymore.
This was pleasing. I threw myself into the shower and cooled off at the lowest temperature possible. I finally looked better, even if it was just after one pretty hard circuit.

About a month ago, I was 75 kilos, I checked this morning before working out, and I was 71, I don't know if this is good or not. Though considering last month I got hardly any excercise, I wonder how well I'll do this month. As soon as I'm down to about 7% Body Fat, I'll be happy. I've also found myself having a weird wanting for veiny forearms. I don't really know why, but I just like the look of them. Maybe because it looks manly? Who knows.

- Other -
I'm still watching .Hack, I really should get early nights instead of going to bed at 4am and waking up at 2pm. I guess that was a hinderance today, I have to work on that. It's nearly the end of October, I'm quite looking forward to Halloween. Seperate post on plans for Halloween is coming up!

I'm also considering uploading save files for certain games that I have on the PS3. Seeming that all I do at home now is watch anime, play games and as a new addition, excercise, it might be a good idea to upload save files. I mean for instance, how many of us have played PROTOTYPE then looked at the 53,541 infected kills, given it a shot and after 10 minutes, you think "FUCK THAT.", I know how you feel, so as I said. I am considering it.

This is Haseo, signing out.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Project Haseo : Update

Well that was new. I slapped my keyboard and a cloud of crumbs came out. That's the last time I'm letting anyone use my computer. I really don't know if I'll be able to post this, I'm using my computer for this one and I'll be damned if internet explorer lets me post it. Infact, it will be a damn miracle the rate this is going at. It's also lagging like crap.

- Red Dead Redemption -
The break did me some good. I was able to run a lot today, I feel healthier already. I only need 2 more levels on Red Dead Redemption before I am rank 50 once more. The Download Content was released today. This is one of the things I'm not sure if I want. I love zombies and stuff, though, I suppose we'll have to see. Personally, I hope Rockstar release a The Last Samurai type of DLC. That would be sweet. Instead of having just the knife as an alernative to the fist, we could also carry around a rapier or katana.

I can dream.

- Physical -
Tommorow is going to be a test for me. I want to see if I can keep my calorie intake quite low. I've decided that this Halloween I'm going to go as a Yakuza member, just a suit and maybe a Guyfawkes Mask attached to the side of my head. I was going to order a Tengu mask or a Samurai mask off of ebay, though there isn't enough time sadly.

My friend has also decided to do some excercise, It's good to see that I'm not the only one out of all of my friends who want to make a physical change. I don't feel so alone... Quite odd, considering that's how I've felt for a large period of my life.

- Other news -
x AdSense is now enabled. Not too sure on how to work it, though it seem pretty damn simple.
x I'm currently watching .Hack//ROOTS, I don't regret naming this project Haseo at all.
x Fixed more household problems.

All is going well in my life so far.

This is Haseo, signing out.

Monday, 25 October 2010

All of my hate.

We all hate something.
Right, this is my second god damn time typing out this. I did 2000 words then all of them got deleted. Why? Because of shift+backspace. God damnit Sony.

No matter. This story is about how I grew to hate one of my friends. You've probably read this around the net, so if you enjoy people going mad about how they hate someone? Well, read this.

It was my first year at college, I was kind of alone. Sure, I had friends, but I was pretty distant, the only friend who I waited around with was named Curtis. He wasn't much at conversation, he'd always talk about the same shit everyday, and If not, it would be a miracle.

So one day, I decide to go talk to other people who have similar interests in me. One day, I found a girl in my Maths class. her name was Lia. She was a weeaboo, how do I know? The teacher asked her full on what she wanted to be when she got older. She said a Teacher in Japan. How typical. She could've just said teacher. No, she said "In Japan".

Because the class was cut short, she left quickly to go to work and what not. I decided that I would talk to her the next day, because hey, why not. Did she come the next day? No. How about the next week? No. When she eventually come into class, I started talking to her. It didn't take me long to ask "Why were you away?", her response?

"I just didn't want to go in."

Hold on. Hold the damn phone. She didn't want to go in? It's college. Not school. College determines your life, it determines whether you work at Walmart all your life or if you become a doctor, you do not skip college. I was slightly pissed at that. Considering she took 2 weeks off? You can see why. As the year progressed, I grew to know Lia more, she gave me her MSN and we began talking and what not. I found out she had a PlayStation 3, so I automatically added her. It would be nice to play with someone I know. At least that's what I thought.

Let me get this straight, Lia is far from a gamer. The only game she could of been good at was Uncharted 2, and the skill bar isn't exactly high on the Multiplayer. She had about 35% of the trophies and she thought she was good. She was far from good, she was a liability in every single match. I had to cover her with a damn sniper rifle where ever she went. "Uncharted 2" became "No Skills : Protect Lia".

She had more games, such as GTA4, you don't even need skill for that game. It's a driving and shooting game. Yet she thought she was good at it. 9 times out of 10, she'd be on PlayStations socialising game. PlayStation Home. I never saw the attraction in it, It is cool to talk to people about different games and stuff and find interesting stories, though it just didn't seem appealing. Sony could of made an RPG enviroment instead, it would've made a lot more sense than just wandering around and going "Hi" "I herd u liek GTA?"

You might think "Maybe she liked socialising?", yeah, we all do, although. Lia always emphasized that she was poor and had hardly any money at all times. Even though she had a Job which paid £200 a month. That was pretty decent pay for just a part time job. Yet she was alwas out of money, why? Because she spent it on that socialising game. She bought every item possible. She could of just hacked it, even if she had to pay for premium membership, it would be a fuck load cheaper.

I already started to hate her, she had a really bad attitude, if she wasn't winning, she'd start moaning about it. The one thing which Lia brought that was good was introducing me to her friends. That was it. We had some good memories online, though that was with her friend Yen. Till this day, the friends Lia introduced me to are still my best friends. Although me and Yen have grown quite distant.

The whole of the college year continued with Lia jumping off college for days and weeks at a time. Just because she wanted too. Think about all the children in the world without decent education, think about all the teens in the world who want to learn, and this stupid girl was throwing it all out of the window. Why? Because she was just didn't want to go.

I spent more time with her friends who were now becoming my best friends. It was nice to actually be able to talk to someone who didn't repeat the same topic every single day. When Lia did eventually come in, it was always awkward, she would always bring up unneeded topics and her voice started to annoy me. She has your typical chav voice, if you don't know what it sounds like? Then you are blessed.

In that year, my father decided to die. I will always remember that night, because I saw Clash of the Titans with a load of my friends, which I have to say, was a great night. I got home and saw 2 ambulances outside of the place I lived. Saw dad being put into one and saw my mother being restrained from Dad because she was causing him too much pain. I could see the marks on Dads body from where mum tried to not let him go. It was sad. I think mum knew that Dad was going to die that night. I walked up to the place where Dad laid, and said "Come back Dad." he replied weakly "I promise.", that was the only promise he ever broke.

The next day was Lia's celebration day, I can't say I was torn because I had to be strong for my mums sake. If I showed weakness, she would crumble. I went out that day because being with friends would raise my spirits. Of course not. Lia? Spirits raised? No. I might as well of stayed at home listening to sad songs and drinking whiskey. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't sad, it was what she did that made me sad. For instance, spending £10 on Dance Dance Revolution, then spending another £3 on Guitar Hero. She had a playstation 3 and a playstation 2 with Dance Dance Revolution. Why? Why waste your money? She wasn't showing off because she was shit at all games. Just why?

The year continued slowly. The college year had ended and more drama happened with Lia, she broke up with her girlfriend, and more stuff like that. She started to drink heavy, she started to say a lot of lies and more. It was nearing the end of my break when I got a message from Lia, it said "I'm out for a walk, and I'm near your place", I had a feeling that Lia liked me. She would always look up to me. I'm not exactly an attractive guy, and I don't have a good personality. So why?

I got my coat on, I argued with mum that I was going out to see a friend, you see, it was around 11.30pm when she sent me that message. I thought something bad happened. I went to meet her, I jumped over fences and more, incase something bad would happen to her. This was not the safest neighbourhood in the world. I finally met her. She reeked of whiskey and vodka. She couldn't walk in a straight line, if she did, she would fall over thin air. Infact, I was rather amazed she made it this far.

When she stopped crying, I asked her what was wrong and what happened. Her reply was

"Just my dad being a twat again."
"What did he do?"
"He's just a twat..."

I thought instantly that she was being abused. I decided to walk her home even though it was late and dangerous. Infact, it was more of an incentive to walk her home, I didn't want her getting raped or something. Even if I did hate her a bit during the time. We were walking along the street and she got a phone call, it was from her father. I heard them talk, her Dad sounded very worried. So I'm there thinking "What..?", she explained that her Dad was coming to pick her up and that he was a twat for doing so.

Hold the damn phone. What?! Her dad was a twat and a bad person for caring?! What?! Suddenly, my raged filled. I was pissed off. All of those things she said to me had to be a lie, why else would a father come and pick their kid up? He's such a bad father coming out at about 12:30am even though he has work the next day. Damn! I hope to christ I never get a father like him. Bitch.

Her phone got another call, it was from her brother. Her brother was out, alone, looking for her. She screamed down the phone for him to leave her alone. I didn't even need a coat that night. I was pissed off enough to heat up Alaska for a year and be a severe threat to global warming. Her father came, and she shouted at him, her Dad looked scared and gave me the most saddest look ever. My heart dropped when I looked at the poor man, he was near crying because he was so worried. Though Lia? Lia decided to try and impress me and start calling him twat and what not.

I didn't have a Dad anymore. I didn't have a father who could play Baseball with me, or play Tekken or do anything. All of that was gone. I never even had a Dad who could do physical things, his asthma was so bad that kicking a ball meant him nearly dropping to the floor and dying. Yet here we are with Lia, screaming at her Dad who would do near everything for her. I decided to head back home, I didn't care what happened to her. I felt so sorry for her father that I just wanted to slap Lia around the face.

The year progressed, Lia came onto me more and more and I started to hate her more and more. She changed. A lot. She was once the girl who cosplayed as Nagato Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya because it suited her character, with her being the silent and shy type. She thought she was ugly, fat and everything else wrong with this world. She wasn't selfish or anything. She was stupid, yes. Thought we can all be stupid sometimes.

Although now, she see's herself as good looking. She is inlove with herself, she has stated that enough times. She genuinley thinks she's sexy and what not. She is so conceited that it's painful to even read. No one minds someone thinking that they're good looking, though there's a massive difference between going "Oh... I think I'm good looking" and "Yeah! I'm so good looking" when they're really not. As my friend Joey said, "She has a rat face" which is true. She has a messed up nose, one of her eyes looks a different direction, and she squints. She was also fat even though she thought she was good looking. She had to wear baggy clothes to conceal that fact.

My second college year came, and Joey and Lia had tension between them. Lia was copying Joey and Lia was copying me. She was being a leech, a parasite, hell, that isn't even a good enough word to describe her. Lia had devolped into this thing no one could like. She used to be a lesbian, now she wants to change into a real boy. She changed her name so much, from Lia, to Paul, to Mak, damn, I've lost count. It was ridiculous.

The final straw was taken about a month ago. She had a facebook status which said something about Social Suicide. I told Joey about it and sent the link. He found out that he was blocked by her and that the status was about him. So wait, hold on. Social suicide? Without Joey, that social life she had, that whole cosplaying thing she has going on, the whole anime, the whole Japanese scene. All of this was because of Joey, and now suddenly, he's social suicide?!

Instantly, my hate grew out of bounds, I started off soft in the conversation, but suddenly, she became bitchy. I started insulting her so hard that it started to hurt her. I didn't care. It felt damn good. Every single strand of her I insulted. All of her friends read that status. I didn't fail to mention the fact that she back stabbed Joey just so she could ascend in her social ladder of weeaboos. It was just her running the retard olympics, even if she won, she was still a damn retard.

Me and Lia went our seperate ways thank christ. Though my friend Tom still relays me messages and status updates from her facebook so I can rage. She's getting worse and worse by the day. I don't exactly get how someone could change so much in the time span of one year. It's sickening to think that. She's backstabbed everyone and attention seeked so much that I really do hope she gets an ass kicking. I really do hope someone gives her a hard slap around the face and tells her to wake up, cause to me? She's no more than shit.

This is Haseo, signing off.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Project Haseo : Progress

- Red Dead Redemption
Well, I ranked from level 25 to 42 in the time span of around 10 hours. I have to say that that's quite an achievement. My accuracy is back up and my deaths are once again back down to a minimum. I still haven't got my mauser pistol sadly, it should come by the time I'm Level 50. I don't really intend on passing into legend, simply because I find it rather pointless for what I'm getting. Let's be honest, a couple of character skins and some bulls is hardly worth screaming about.

I decided to test my reborn skills and weapons on a couple of enemies in Free Roam. It seems that Red Dead hasn't changed in the slightest. I unloaded 20 shots into an enemy and yet he was still left standing. Much what the fucking followed. I've also decided to take a quick break from Red Dead grinding, simply because I cannot take the voices at the moment, I really cannot take Woody Swenson or Perry Rose screaming hell into my ear. It's torture.

- Other news -
Excercise is going fine, I feel much better now that I've got some. Excercise is truely a good medicine if you feel bad about yourself, even if you don't lose weight, it's still good to show some effort. The thing is, I would take progress pictures or videos, except I can't because there's no possible way I can upload stuff onto a PlayStation 3. I could do it at college, though I don't feel like showing the net admins half naked pictures of my body, I wouldn't trust them with that information as far as I could throw them.

It's getting colder here in the UK, and I have to say that I like it a lot. I'm not much of a sun or heat person, so I prefer the cold. Also, Halloween is coming up. That should be fun!

Sorry for no massive update, nothing has really happened lately apart from countless amounts of killing.

This is Haseo, signing out.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Project Haseo : Interuptions

Project Haseo has come to an obstacle.

It seems that my computer has died, well, it hasn't actually died properly but it's damn near impossible to log on to Blogger or anything similar. So I find myself retyping all of this again because of PlayStations awkward keyboard shortcuts. 1000 words wasted because I didn't realise Shift+Backspace means delete all, did Sony think about a undo button? Fuck no.

- Red Dead Redemption -
This is going well I think, I went up 25 levels in the time span of 7 hours. Though I wasn't playing properly because of ridiculous distractions. I have lost a bit of my touch thanks to the controls. On the average, I died once per round. Which annoyed me. So I have to work on that.

Tommorow I should be hitting about level 35 or 40, It depends on how much boredom I can take and lack of music. I need the Mauser Pistol, The Buffalo Rifle and perhaps a DLC costume, becuase all the costumes you unlock are pretty bad. There are a couple I like, though a lot of them to look terrible. So I have to save up for an American PlayStation Store card, what joy.

- Physical Change -
This is going to be interesting. There's always the one thing that lingers at the back of your mind, the one thing that goes "I should of done that" or "I should of done this", tommorow is going to be a rather slow start to a new beginning of physical fitness. Although I do know Freerunning and a lot of Karate, I can openly say that I am far from fit. Infact, I'd hate to have a physical test.

It seems that my friend wants me to fix his PlayStation 3, so I have to walk to his house, save his console, then walk back. Though that isn't what I'm going to do. I'm going to walk to his house, fix his console and then I'm going to walk to my city center then walk back to my place, this is a 6 to 8 mile walk depending on the route I take. I'm going to try to do this about 4 timesa day for the rest of my Autumn break. It probably won't make all that much difference in the long run, but at least it's something.

One thing I always hate about walking is the sun, I tan really easily, like a freaking cookie. I blame these asian jeans personally. It's annoying as hell. I don't mind being tan, but when you compare how my skin tone was when I was a kid to how i am now? I look like a guido with long hair. It's annoying and dumb. So I try to keep out the sun, or try to use sunblock-- But Oh wait! Of course! It's Autumn in England! SPF 50 Sunblock? Doesn't exist.

I don't wanna do weight lifting yet, because I don't exactly want to weigh more than I already am, I'd burn fat off, though becuase of muscle, I might weigh more, although I know one of you would tell me differently on this matter tha how I'd lose weight too fast for my muscle to account for any new weight gained, I just think in this way because it gives me a better mind set. I guess if you think you're getting thinner, then you are.

As well as this, I'm also going to try and eat healthier. Today was a fucking piss take. I wait inside my room, playing Red Dead, my mum walks in and I ask what's for dinner, she replies "Fish and Chips", if you don't know what that is, please google it. My heart sank. It really did. I'm trying to lose weight, not gain it. I guess I could've pushed the chips away, though I would've gotten a ton of drama for it because my mum believes I am too skinny. I'm not anorexic or anything, it's just that I know I still have a load of fat on my body, I'm trying to reduce it to as low of a percentage as possible.

Once I hit about 6 or 8 percent body fat, I'll return to what I usually did, Karate and Freerunning. Till, then? Just a load of walking and jumping around. For a diet, I guess it's mostly vegetables or something like 700-1000 Calories a day.

- Anime -
ExPo is coming up for me. I'm rather buzzed about it. The last time I went to an anime con was way back, infact, it's so far back that I can't remember who I even went as, though I think I went hybrid Naruto, Sasuke, Goku. Rather random at the time, though, oh well. It was fun being around people who called me Nasuku. This year, my friend is making me go as Canada from Hetalia. It was originally meant to be manly Canada because as I understand, Canada is a rather softy type of guy, the manly mode just seems so out of place that it actually works.

The next con I'm going to should be in May. I'm looking forward to that too, though I wonder if I'll even have the money to cosplay as the person I want to do. I might sit that one out if I don't.

If you're wondering how I was writing this, I decided to use my playstation 3's built in browser, it isn't the best in the world but it does get the job done. Infact, I'd say I rather like watching my 1080p TV dispay what I'm typing, it feels awfully..matrix-ish.

Once again, thanks for reading, comments are much appreciatted.

Haseo, Out.

Project Haseo : Answers

H a s e o
You might be thinking, "What is this Haseo? Why is it a project?". On the other hand, you may think I am just another anime fan who thinks he's special. The answer? Project Haseo was created by me a week ago when I picked up a copy of .Hack//G.U in my Colleges library, I love anime and manga, I wouldn't say all forms of it though I do love it. As I dived deeper into reading the book I came to understand the main character and how he felt. The characters name was Haseo.

The .Hack series revolves around a MMORPG, Haseo was one of the best in the server I suppose. Haseo was your average bad ass type of anime character who could kick ass without breaking a sweat and ring deaths doorbell then slap him in the face with a mackerel. I thought to myself "He seems a lot like Sasuke" from Naruto. I like characters like this, so that was no problem to me. Though I found a twist in the story which was interesting.

Due to some sort of glitch, Haseos powers were reduced back to his most basic form, he was once again a level 1. Being a massive MMO addict, I could instantly relate to how Haseo felt, being reduced to level 1, all those hours of grinding and killing off monsters, all those PvP's and Item hunting, those sleepless nights of contemplating whether he should add more Dex or more Str. All of it. Crushed. Though Haseo was weak, he didn't want to stop, he got back on his feet with some help and started his quest once again for power.

I'd say it was an inspiration to me. It made me want to play any MMO and try to be the best in the server just to kick some ass. After a day, I finished the book, they didn't have Volume 2, so I craved for more of his adventures and his quest for power. Sadly, I couldn't find any copies of it on Amazon, and If I could, I'd have to preorder it and being the poor boy that I am, I couldn't afford it.

So one night, I sat at home and though to myself about Haseo. I wanted to be like him. I sat in my chair at home and typed into amazon "Demons Souls", it was the only game I could think of. Seeming that the PlayStation 3 is my only console, it seemed like a good bet, because if I even tried to play Pacman on this heap of junk I call a computer, we'd have a DefCon 5 alert on our hands because of it over heating.

Of course, I prefered the book to the manga, the reason I say this is because they never dived into much detail about how Haseo looked, they told us about his armor, his weapons and his hair though nothing about his body build. I expected him to look like a cross between Hei from Darker than Black and Dante from Devil May Cry. Though, typical of most animes, he had quite a feminine build. Which leads me to think "Why does anime portray most boys as girls?" "Why is Yaoi promoted?" "Why?"

So I booted up my PlayStation 3, signed on and went to the PlayStation Store. Of course, being the EU side, we don't get a lot of cool stuff and most of our stuff gets to us late. It is a terrible reality of having the European side of PlayStation. So I sighed and thought "How..."

Then it hit me. Like a sack of bricks. Make a US Account. So I proceeded to make this account, I filled in the details, none of them real apart from the email, then I hit a wall. I needed a name. Now this part should be obvious if you've been reading through. I instantly typed in "HASEO", the meaning of Haseo was The Terror of Death. So it sounded cool. I waited, but of course, it was taken.

I cycled through countless versions of Haseo, H4SE0, Haseo-, -Haseo- and more. The only ones I could use with just the name Haseo looked rather Gangsta-ish or Scene Kid-ish, which I disliked. They all looked like oxX-Haseo-Xxo, v_Haseo_v and more variations. I didn't like this. Haseo was a killer, not a scene kid who rants about rainbows and bit tunes with some long haired kid screaming about how pretty his cupcake is or how dinosaurs go "Rawr".

So here I am, stuck for a name, I didn't want to sound like a scene kid, I didn't want to look like a License Plate, and I certainly didn't want to have some sort of random line at the end. I placed my head on my keyboard, and heard a beep. I raised my head and located the source, it was my monitor. At the bottom right corner it said "Infected". I smirked and punched in "INFECTED_Haseo". I sat down for a minute then a confimation message popped up. "This name is available to use".

Project Haseo had begun.

Immediately I began searching for games I could play, games with Multiplayer, anything. I went through my games, Red Dead Redemption, Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2, Far Cry 2, Uncharted 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4, although I had more, these were the ones I frequented. I was okay at Far Cry 2, not the best, I loved the graphics and fire system, though I couldn't stick those accents and the ridiculous damage rate. Killzone 2 was a good game, I was a decent sniper at it, and I never really let the team down in game modes, infact, at one point of time, I somehow managed to achieve an honor rank.

The two on that list I was really good at was Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted 2. It would take a 8 man gang to take me down normally on Red Dead Redemption, with the knife glitch, and a 6 man posse without the knife glitch. Either way, it would make no difference, I used to dance with bullets. The same applies for Uncharted 2, I could kill 10 people before dying. Though all the time I would play just for fun, and never for competition, which is what a lot of people do the mistake of.

As for Modern Warfare 2, I find the online community to be incredibely annoying. You always get one hacker or a 10 year old british kid screaming obscenities down the mic. It makes me rage.

I came to the conclusion that I should first play Red Dead Redemption, because I wanted to get even better at it. I booted it up, and suddenly i remembered all the tedious missions i had to do. Cow Herding, Assassinations, Random encounters, Mexican people screaming in your ear. All of this was red dead through and through. I love Red Dead but damn it, it got annoying sometimes.

Project Haseo was well underway, I got the first trophy on Red Dead which was when you complete the first mission, it pleased me. I can easily get a plat for most of my games, it just requires time, which I have little of. Project Haseo was about changing myself, the first way I could do this was by making myself better at the things I like, the question is, did i like killing people online? Or did I just like trying to become more and more well known?

I guess in my journey I'll find out.

This blog is dedicated to me becoming stronger and a better gamer. This isn't just about video games, this is also about me in general. This whole blog is you entering my mind and life. Please enjoy.

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