Saturday, 30 October 2010

Project Haseo : Pride

- Red Dead Redemption -
Nothing changed. All my skills have returned once more, each and every strand and every skill I possess has now returned. There's not a single player who is safe against me, be it expert or free roam mode. Either way, they'll end up dead.

My name isn't that popular yet, though, I think I impressed people when I took down a fuck load of players in a Free Mode match. They challenged me to a Team Deathmatch, I gladly accepted of course. Once again, they had no chance.

- London ExPo-
I have to admit. I had a lot of fun, I haven't been to an anime convention since the Philippines. It was a lot of fun. Granted, some of it was annoying, especially the trains, though even that was quite fun. It felt Japanese to a sense because of how packed the trains were. The cheap smell of aftershave dominated my nostrils, it was quite horrifying. I swear, all men use Lynx. Why not get Old Spice?

Once I arrived at the ExPo, I instantly started naming characters. It was rather easy to pick them out, considering a majority of them where Miku, Naruto and for a weird reason, Seto Kaiba...

Of course, my favourite video game character was there too. Dante.
Now, although there were a lot of rather decent Dante cosplayers, most of them lacked certain things. it was mainly the eyes. Also, a thing that got to me was acne. That ticked me off a little bit. Although, I saw an amazing Noctis (Final Fantasy Versus XIII) cosplayer. Granted, he wasn't as pale as Noctis, though jesus christ. He had the sword, the right body build, the accuracy and everything else. I was very impressed.

I think the main thing which I learnt today and wanted was that if I do perfect Project Haseo, lose all this unwanted fat and become more slender, then I will do a perfect Dante cosplay. I will stay at the convention for all 3 days cosplaying as quite hard characters or at least quite famous ones. My list is...

1- Dante from Devil May Cry 4 (DEFINITE.)
2- Ezio from Assassins Creed II
3- Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7
4- Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knight (That was more of a request though...)

I'm still thinking of others, although, those are the main as of yet.
I want to perfect this, I want to know that I can be a little bit better than some cosplayers out there. Although I have to admit, there were a lot of insanely good ones. I'd tap half of the Lightnings (Final Fantasy XIII) that went and Yuki Cross's (Vampire Knight).

- Fitness -
Jesus. I have let myself go. No excercise for 2 days, then again, my abs have been hurting quite bad and so were my legs. I tried it out for about 5 minutes, though I just crumbled from pain. I got up, tried it again, no luck. So I stopped. Tomorrow is Halloween so I'm going to try and avoid candy instead of consuming it.

This is Haseo, Signing out.


  1. Don't worry about missing 2 days of exercise, if your sore just leave it a day

  2. Rest and diet are very important while working out... Make sure you're eating the right things!

    Also, I'd really like to go to one of those conventions!

  3. @4funz
    Although that may be true, I just feel weird for not being active in that time span. Although, 2 days is nothing.

  4. Cool stuff man!

  5. Hope your ab/leg pain is over soon dude (if not already).

  6. Glad you're keeping your fitness with your gaming skills! keep up the project!!

    come check my blog out when you have a chance :)

  7. you dude are a great gamer/poser lol ;)

  8. i played soccer yesterday, today i feel dead