Wednesday, 27 October 2010


- Coward -
I wasn't really intending on doing anything special this halloween. I thought it was just going to be another year of me sitting inside with my V for Vendetta mask attached to the side of my head while I drank whiskey and munched on candy while I watched a cheap budget horror flick. This year though, things seem different.
My friend asked if I was doing anything this halloween, I simply replied that I wasn't, so me and him came up with some sort of plan for us to go out and have some fun. I remembered at that moment a friend of mine, his name's Nick.

- Nick -Now. Nick is the type of guy who would lie to someone just to impress them. He's the type of guy who would say that he's an international spy if it meant that he'd seem cooler to you. At least, that's how he was with me. So far, he's lied about going out at night and beating up chavs, practicing Kendo, sharpening Katanas, doing Ninjitsu, and more. You might think that it's plausible. You see, it would be if he survived my Karate lesson. He gave up after the warm up and never returned again.
Nick is not fit. Though he is trying.

- The Plan -
The plan is pretty simple, my friend, me and Nick are going to watch a movie and have a good time in general, keep in mind that this is quite late, about 9pm, we'll be walking back. So, we're going to take our good friend Nick through a forest. Of course, me and my friend will be making a lot of lies, for instance. I'm using the codename Snow for my friend because he helped me on a Hit and Run mission. Lots of bullshit like that. Another factor with Nick, is that he's ridiculously gullible, and his mind can easily be changed.

If you know what Slenderman is or MarbleHornets, then the plan is going to go a little bit like that, we're taking Nick through a forest on the way back home. Tom (My friend) and I will be acting strange as soon as we leave the cinema or as soon as we go in. I'll pretend I saw a tall and slenderman who had no face or had a very odd face. Think Voldemort, but with no eyes and a lot taller and thinner, then you kinda get the idea. Putting it simply, we'll start picking up the pace in the forest, we'll walk faster and act weirder, we just want to see Nick scared.

It may sound harsh, but Nick is the same boy who said he beats up people, he does all of this heroic shit and more. So if all of what he says is real, then he should be brave enough to not copy us or not get scared. I am planning on taping this. The problem is... I'm not entirely sure how that would work, my computer is still completely broken in terms of opening images and editing videos, so it may take a while for me to upload it and what not.

- Happening -
- In the slim chance that Nick grows some balls and decides to face his fears, then my respect for him will grow.
- If Nick pussies out, then me and Tom will be laughing for the rest of the year.

If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment.
This is Haseo, signing out.

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