Friday, 22 October 2010

Project Haseo : Interuptions

Project Haseo has come to an obstacle.

It seems that my computer has died, well, it hasn't actually died properly but it's damn near impossible to log on to Blogger or anything similar. So I find myself retyping all of this again because of PlayStations awkward keyboard shortcuts. 1000 words wasted because I didn't realise Shift+Backspace means delete all, did Sony think about a undo button? Fuck no.

- Red Dead Redemption -
This is going well I think, I went up 25 levels in the time span of 7 hours. Though I wasn't playing properly because of ridiculous distractions. I have lost a bit of my touch thanks to the controls. On the average, I died once per round. Which annoyed me. So I have to work on that.

Tommorow I should be hitting about level 35 or 40, It depends on how much boredom I can take and lack of music. I need the Mauser Pistol, The Buffalo Rifle and perhaps a DLC costume, becuase all the costumes you unlock are pretty bad. There are a couple I like, though a lot of them to look terrible. So I have to save up for an American PlayStation Store card, what joy.

- Physical Change -
This is going to be interesting. There's always the one thing that lingers at the back of your mind, the one thing that goes "I should of done that" or "I should of done this", tommorow is going to be a rather slow start to a new beginning of physical fitness. Although I do know Freerunning and a lot of Karate, I can openly say that I am far from fit. Infact, I'd hate to have a physical test.

It seems that my friend wants me to fix his PlayStation 3, so I have to walk to his house, save his console, then walk back. Though that isn't what I'm going to do. I'm going to walk to his house, fix his console and then I'm going to walk to my city center then walk back to my place, this is a 6 to 8 mile walk depending on the route I take. I'm going to try to do this about 4 timesa day for the rest of my Autumn break. It probably won't make all that much difference in the long run, but at least it's something.

One thing I always hate about walking is the sun, I tan really easily, like a freaking cookie. I blame these asian jeans personally. It's annoying as hell. I don't mind being tan, but when you compare how my skin tone was when I was a kid to how i am now? I look like a guido with long hair. It's annoying and dumb. So I try to keep out the sun, or try to use sunblock-- But Oh wait! Of course! It's Autumn in England! SPF 50 Sunblock? Doesn't exist.

I don't wanna do weight lifting yet, because I don't exactly want to weigh more than I already am, I'd burn fat off, though becuase of muscle, I might weigh more, although I know one of you would tell me differently on this matter tha how I'd lose weight too fast for my muscle to account for any new weight gained, I just think in this way because it gives me a better mind set. I guess if you think you're getting thinner, then you are.

As well as this, I'm also going to try and eat healthier. Today was a fucking piss take. I wait inside my room, playing Red Dead, my mum walks in and I ask what's for dinner, she replies "Fish and Chips", if you don't know what that is, please google it. My heart sank. It really did. I'm trying to lose weight, not gain it. I guess I could've pushed the chips away, though I would've gotten a ton of drama for it because my mum believes I am too skinny. I'm not anorexic or anything, it's just that I know I still have a load of fat on my body, I'm trying to reduce it to as low of a percentage as possible.

Once I hit about 6 or 8 percent body fat, I'll return to what I usually did, Karate and Freerunning. Till, then? Just a load of walking and jumping around. For a diet, I guess it's mostly vegetables or something like 700-1000 Calories a day.

- Anime -
ExPo is coming up for me. I'm rather buzzed about it. The last time I went to an anime con was way back, infact, it's so far back that I can't remember who I even went as, though I think I went hybrid Naruto, Sasuke, Goku. Rather random at the time, though, oh well. It was fun being around people who called me Nasuku. This year, my friend is making me go as Canada from Hetalia. It was originally meant to be manly Canada because as I understand, Canada is a rather softy type of guy, the manly mode just seems so out of place that it actually works.

The next con I'm going to should be in May. I'm looking forward to that too, though I wonder if I'll even have the money to cosplay as the person I want to do. I might sit that one out if I don't.

If you're wondering how I was writing this, I decided to use my playstation 3's built in browser, it isn't the best in the world but it does get the job done. Infact, I'd say I rather like watching my 1080p TV dispay what I'm typing, it feels awfully..matrix-ish.

Once again, thanks for reading, comments are much appreciatted.

Haseo, Out.

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