Wednesday, 27 October 2010

This is why I dislike flaunting.

After you've watched this video, you'll either think that that person is incredibly sad or they're incredibly awesome. Personally, I think it's incredibly sad. I am a massive anime fan, I haven't gone as far as to get a waifu or something yet. Though I do love anime, as evident of my actual project name.

Though it's people like this which make me hate anime, and want it gone. It's incredibly frustrating seeing an anime fan do this when instead they could be outside socialising or something. This is why I wanted to change because I didn't want to become something like the person in the video. To make things even worse, this person can't speak proper Japanese.

What in the name of christ is KOWAII? She or he should at least attempt to say it correctly. She or he really cannot speak Japanese, they haven't got the accent. If I played this as an MP3 and listened to it, I'd firstly cry of laughter at the bad accent and bad pronunciation, then be offended. Japanese is meant to be fluid, it's also meant to be graceful. She makes it sound like a sledgehammer. At best.

I just don't get why. As I just learnt, the person in the video is a girl.
May I just say that she sounds like a damn boy. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she had a dick or adams apple. I guess the operative word for this is rage. I feel so sorry for the parents because I can just see her arguing with them because of how she acts in front of them, for instance, she starts talking Japanese, her Dad asks what it means, and she gets pissed off because he's stupid.

That's another thing I hate. Sure, anime is great and all, but why bother trying to imitate it? If you want to copy the body of Goku? Go for it. If you want to jump as high as Sasuke? Try it. Just don't copy the damn attitude, do you see Highschools like Cromartie? No. You don't.

I wish Otaku's, Weeaboos and other Anime fans would be a bit more realistic with their likes.

Haseo, signing out.


  1. this poor girl, this poor poor girl

  2. poor poor poor. I know some girls which are almost like her, its sick.

  3. That's fucked up, yes, but it's not like it's anything new...

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