Friday, 22 October 2010

Project Haseo : Answers

H a s e o
You might be thinking, "What is this Haseo? Why is it a project?". On the other hand, you may think I am just another anime fan who thinks he's special. The answer? Project Haseo was created by me a week ago when I picked up a copy of .Hack//G.U in my Colleges library, I love anime and manga, I wouldn't say all forms of it though I do love it. As I dived deeper into reading the book I came to understand the main character and how he felt. The characters name was Haseo.

The .Hack series revolves around a MMORPG, Haseo was one of the best in the server I suppose. Haseo was your average bad ass type of anime character who could kick ass without breaking a sweat and ring deaths doorbell then slap him in the face with a mackerel. I thought to myself "He seems a lot like Sasuke" from Naruto. I like characters like this, so that was no problem to me. Though I found a twist in the story which was interesting.

Due to some sort of glitch, Haseos powers were reduced back to his most basic form, he was once again a level 1. Being a massive MMO addict, I could instantly relate to how Haseo felt, being reduced to level 1, all those hours of grinding and killing off monsters, all those PvP's and Item hunting, those sleepless nights of contemplating whether he should add more Dex or more Str. All of it. Crushed. Though Haseo was weak, he didn't want to stop, he got back on his feet with some help and started his quest once again for power.

I'd say it was an inspiration to me. It made me want to play any MMO and try to be the best in the server just to kick some ass. After a day, I finished the book, they didn't have Volume 2, so I craved for more of his adventures and his quest for power. Sadly, I couldn't find any copies of it on Amazon, and If I could, I'd have to preorder it and being the poor boy that I am, I couldn't afford it.

So one night, I sat at home and though to myself about Haseo. I wanted to be like him. I sat in my chair at home and typed into amazon "Demons Souls", it was the only game I could think of. Seeming that the PlayStation 3 is my only console, it seemed like a good bet, because if I even tried to play Pacman on this heap of junk I call a computer, we'd have a DefCon 5 alert on our hands because of it over heating.

Of course, I prefered the book to the manga, the reason I say this is because they never dived into much detail about how Haseo looked, they told us about his armor, his weapons and his hair though nothing about his body build. I expected him to look like a cross between Hei from Darker than Black and Dante from Devil May Cry. Though, typical of most animes, he had quite a feminine build. Which leads me to think "Why does anime portray most boys as girls?" "Why is Yaoi promoted?" "Why?"

So I booted up my PlayStation 3, signed on and went to the PlayStation Store. Of course, being the EU side, we don't get a lot of cool stuff and most of our stuff gets to us late. It is a terrible reality of having the European side of PlayStation. So I sighed and thought "How..."

Then it hit me. Like a sack of bricks. Make a US Account. So I proceeded to make this account, I filled in the details, none of them real apart from the email, then I hit a wall. I needed a name. Now this part should be obvious if you've been reading through. I instantly typed in "HASEO", the meaning of Haseo was The Terror of Death. So it sounded cool. I waited, but of course, it was taken.

I cycled through countless versions of Haseo, H4SE0, Haseo-, -Haseo- and more. The only ones I could use with just the name Haseo looked rather Gangsta-ish or Scene Kid-ish, which I disliked. They all looked like oxX-Haseo-Xxo, v_Haseo_v and more variations. I didn't like this. Haseo was a killer, not a scene kid who rants about rainbows and bit tunes with some long haired kid screaming about how pretty his cupcake is or how dinosaurs go "Rawr".

So here I am, stuck for a name, I didn't want to sound like a scene kid, I didn't want to look like a License Plate, and I certainly didn't want to have some sort of random line at the end. I placed my head on my keyboard, and heard a beep. I raised my head and located the source, it was my monitor. At the bottom right corner it said "Infected". I smirked and punched in "INFECTED_Haseo". I sat down for a minute then a confimation message popped up. "This name is available to use".

Project Haseo had begun.

Immediately I began searching for games I could play, games with Multiplayer, anything. I went through my games, Red Dead Redemption, Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2, Far Cry 2, Uncharted 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4, although I had more, these were the ones I frequented. I was okay at Far Cry 2, not the best, I loved the graphics and fire system, though I couldn't stick those accents and the ridiculous damage rate. Killzone 2 was a good game, I was a decent sniper at it, and I never really let the team down in game modes, infact, at one point of time, I somehow managed to achieve an honor rank.

The two on that list I was really good at was Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted 2. It would take a 8 man gang to take me down normally on Red Dead Redemption, with the knife glitch, and a 6 man posse without the knife glitch. Either way, it would make no difference, I used to dance with bullets. The same applies for Uncharted 2, I could kill 10 people before dying. Though all the time I would play just for fun, and never for competition, which is what a lot of people do the mistake of.

As for Modern Warfare 2, I find the online community to be incredibely annoying. You always get one hacker or a 10 year old british kid screaming obscenities down the mic. It makes me rage.

I came to the conclusion that I should first play Red Dead Redemption, because I wanted to get even better at it. I booted it up, and suddenly i remembered all the tedious missions i had to do. Cow Herding, Assassinations, Random encounters, Mexican people screaming in your ear. All of this was red dead through and through. I love Red Dead but damn it, it got annoying sometimes.

Project Haseo was well underway, I got the first trophy on Red Dead which was when you complete the first mission, it pleased me. I can easily get a plat for most of my games, it just requires time, which I have little of. Project Haseo was about changing myself, the first way I could do this was by making myself better at the things I like, the question is, did i like killing people online? Or did I just like trying to become more and more well known?

I guess in my journey I'll find out.

This blog is dedicated to me becoming stronger and a better gamer. This isn't just about video games, this is also about me in general. This whole blog is you entering my mind and life. Please enjoy.

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